What is Apple Centre Stage?2 min read

In Apple’s April 2021 Spring-loaded event, they announced that the recent 12.9 inch iPad Pro (5th generation) and 11 inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) will be equipped with M1 Processors in order to deliver desktop-class performance. The M1 processor is Apple’s most powerful chip and it is being used in the new line of Macbooks to deliver incredible gaming and video editing performance and there is no doubt it will do the same in this new iPad Pro.

The new iPads also come equipped with what Apple calls Mini LED Display which basically gives better control to the screen brightness, a great contrast ratio, and a better overall satisfaction when consuming HDR content. My favorite thing is Centre Stage in the new iPad Pro’s.

The Centre stage allows you to remain at the centre of the screen during a video or FaceTime call. Apple says it uses machine learning to adjust the front-facing Ultra-Wide camera during FaceTime video calls to keep you and anyone else with you in the frame. This is possible due to the 12MP and 122-degree ultrawide camera that provides more data for the iPad to work with.

The Centre stage gives a more intimate connection and as you move around it automatically tracks your face and fits you in the centre thereby providing this dynamic video conferencing. The Centre stage can be enabled in the Settings under FaceTime. Hopefully, centre stage will be introduced to other Apple products. You can find a demonstration of the Centre stage in the video below at exactly 3.11secs.

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