Chrome OS Overtakes MacOS but Why?1 min read

While the pandemic wreaked havoc on companies, Chrome OS saw such popularity that it surpassed Mac OS for the first time in terms of OS market share. Despite the fact that this could seem to be merely coincidental, Google did all right for Chrome OS prior to the pandemic.

It is common knowledge that Windows has dominated the PC market for some time, with Macs coming in second. However, according to IDC 2020 figures (via GeekWire), Chrome OS slipped ahead in 2020, holding 14.4 percent of the market, while MacOS held 7.7 percent.

It’s worth remembering that the pandemic forced many people to work from home, resulting in a significant rise in the overall number of laptops sold. Since families tended to get budget-friendly educational resources for their children in schools, Chromebooks were the perfect device. Chromebooks are also portable, easy to use, and work well for simple student tasks such as Google Classrooms, Docs and Zoom.

Sales of Microsoft’s Windows have also dropped from 87.5 percent to 76.4 percent. Microsoft is aware of Chrome OS’s threat and is currently working on Windows 10X, which will have a similar experience.

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