Semicon's Technology

About Us

Creating a hub for every technology enthusiasts and store in West Africa.


Semicon's Technology

About Us

Semicon's a technological company founded in 2020 by a team of engineers that envisioned West Africa as a major technology player in the world. We believe in this dream where the brains of Africa assist the world into a brighter technological future by the creation of unique products and services. We believe in this dream so bad that we will not rest until it’s realized.

We approach this challenge using the faithful bottom-up methodology by creating a hub for every technology store in West Africa and expand into design and then manufacturing of engineering products.

Our Mission

To provide the best consumer-centric technological market in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. And to make West Africa known as one of the largest players in quality technological education provider and hardware manufacturing.

Why Semicon’s

Semicons is aimed at fulfilling a huge need in West Africa. There is a +$4billion dollar/year industry without an adequate way to reach its customer base. We want to provide the service of allowing everyone access to this huge technology market from the comfort of their homes.

Just like other online marketing platforms like Amazon, we are also focused on customer satisfaction. The customer is our priority. To build trust with the customer, to build loyalty, to provide timely delivery etc.

In the long term, we will fulfill the technology needs of Nigeria and West Africa by creating an industry for the development of quality hardware to meet the needs of the world.